Facilitating the Rehabilitation and Equipping of Akwa Ibom State Libraries


The management of Exxonmobil, Total, Monipulo, Oriental Energy, Ibom Power plant, other oil/gas and companies operating in Akwa Ibom state.

Julius Berger,Hensek and other construction companies in the state. Commercial Banks, Citizens in diaspora, political office holders ranging from chairmen, commissioners,state House member, senators and federal House members and abled citizens of the state along with philanthropists, Local and international donor agencies and the general public.

Akwa ibom was recently declared as one of the unsafe states in Nigeria by UK government (insecurity) ,the state is rated number one in unemployment by National Bureau of Statistics , the state is also rated number one in HIV , has anyone ever wondered the root causes of all of these?

For corporate organizations, what if unemployment keeps increasing insecurity, will you be able to keep going with your profitable investment?

For government stakeholders, what if insecurity push all investors out of the state, where will you get fat derivation funds to be running the government?

For citizens and those in diaspora, what if most of your people are dying because of HIV and you don’t even have a state anymore because of insecurity, where will you call your root to be buried since our villages are burying grounds.
Corporate organizations begin to give optimal Priority to productivity enhancement for enterprise development from your CSR by contributing to Productive Educational Sector.

Political office holders must align with the state of Emergency in Educational sector as declared by ATTDF,same applicable to all citizens, international Donors, kindly assist the state.

When the five Libraries in Akwa Ibom state are in very desolate state with few and totally outdated books and facilities,no staff training, no internet facilities etc, why won’t we see reading culture dying amongst young ones, Why won’t they be lack of research and development to facilitate innovation and enterprise development amongst young ones, why won’t we have enough young people in the street instead of library ,perhaps looking for alternative activities (vices ) inimical to growth of the society. Why won’t we see more young people abusing the use of social media and rather taking into several crimes instead of intellectual development in Library. Why won’t they go to school only to get certificates without productivity enhancement.

The governor can’t do it alone, everyone must contribute to get books, facilities, internet services etc for the libraries

Request has been made by AKWA IBOM STATE LIBRARY BOARD,we are to facilitate the process to update the facilities

Act now because the future of the young people is gloomy and bleak without qualitative education with the required facilities

Reach ATTDF via www.africatechnologytdf.com

I am Sarah Harrison – Final Year Law Student, University of Uyo
for ATTDF.

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