In partnership with Eurostol Energy Services, ATTDF has carried out several competency professional training in the Oil and Gas related fields to add value and boost employability of graduates and other trainees in relevant fields always needed as prerequisite for employment in the Oil and Gas companies, power sector, maritime sector and allied industries.

ATTDF has also partnered with consultancy firms to carry out manpower development in the telecommunications sector, ICT and manufacturing sector. These practical trainings exposed participants to direct industry operations which are not tenable in most higher institutions of learning in Nigeria and Africa at large as we all know. ATTDF is always sending job openings as it emerges to beneficiaries of the training to take advantage.

Also lots of management and accounting training to boost employability has been carried out in different states in Nigeria especially for NYSC members, though the organization also make provision outside for other young people to participate. Lots of skill training has been organized for the youths. All of these programs and others are ongoing as it is a continuous program from our organization for members of the public to benefit. 

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