The new ideology to change the narrative championed by ATTDF is “Education beyond passing Exams, getting Certificates, but Productivity enhancement” as the bedrock for overall development and sustainable economic growth.

Using Albert Einstein philosophy which says “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” Also taking from Singapore Lee Kuan Yew template in educational sector which moved Singapore from third world nation to one of the first world nations, to revolutionized  educational sector and move the country to a point of optimal productivity, we adopt Albert Einstein philosophy and Lee Kuan Yew template in addition to our result-based content.

The new ideology to change the narrative in educational sector in Africa as championed by Africa Technology Transfer and Development Foundation (ATTDF) is “Education beyond passing Exams, getting Certificates, but Productivity enhancement” as the bedrock for overall development and sustainable economic growth.

The massive revolutionary projects in the educational sector has the following on soft, knowledge based highlights and objectives for teachers, students and even parents to benefit for mindset to be reworked for optimal productivity to be achieved with strong financial partnership & donations.

  1. Reawakening the reading culture which is dearth among young ones in order for research and innovation to be activated.
  2. To break the mathematics phobia with the right method of teaching, tools and skills to be given to teachers for it to be transferred to students for thinkability and mindset to be sharpened sustainably.
  3. To psychologically rework the minds of school children to be independent thinkers and be making attempts to convert theories into practical for enterprise development.
  4. To dissuade young ones on continuous engagement through the teachers from engaging in activities inimical to productivity, mentality enhancement like drug abuse, early and indiscriminate indulgence in sexual activities, cultism etc
  5. Grouping students and teachers into clubs, tagged “productivity groups” for intellectual competitions on innovations with motivation and prizes to be won in order to encourage them to do better. ATTDF with assistance from donors will also sponsor and promote such innovations to become commercial products in the market place.
  6. With donations, individual innovations and creativity will be supported and promoted to become a commercial product where such individual will also become an enterprise persons employing others
  7. Outstanding research works, final year projects in higher institutions is to be given a priority for more training and development for it to be converted to commercial products with assistance from donors.
  8. Provision of local and overseas scholarships and other incentives to indigent students and the very poor in the society with mentorship for formal education
  9. Provision of financial incentives , motivational packages like houses, means of transportation, holiday packages outside of the country of operation etc to teachers to encourage best brains to seek for teaching job


To achieve the soft knowledge based highlights listed above, relevant infrastructure is very key, our organization is set to carry out these interventions on infrastructure captured below with strong financial partnership & donations:


  1. Upgrading / Provision of libraries and books especially in sciences, medical fields, arts, technology based fields and general fields in secondary and higher institutions.
  2. Provision of standard science laboratories, technical workshops and agricultural teaching equipment with agricultural research laboratories in secondary and higher institutions.
  3. Provision of standard hostels along with perimeter fencing for schools.
  4. Provision of standard sport facilities in schools (primary – tertiary institutions).
  5. Provision of computer laboratories with all facilities for e-learning and use of computers (primary – tertiary institutions).
  6. Coordinating of Network Learning amongst students in different countries by creating a forum for some students and teachers in Africa to network with their counterparts in other continents of the world for knowledge exchange and exposure for innovation, creativity and synergies on enterprise activities.


For full implementation of the above laudable programmes and projects by our organization, the world must come together especially Africans to unite in ensuring this is  achieved  by sponsorships, donations and partnerships. We tag the process of generating funds UNITED COMMUNITIES FOR ONE PROJECT IN AFRICA” FOR SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC GROWTH AND OVERALL DEVELOPMENT. Everyone has to be involved in the development of this critical sector, education to quarantee young people with the right mindset and productivity devoid of vices inimical to the growth of the society.

 Famous People Africa magazine is the official media house for all activities of ATTDF. Also, Top Teaching Aid Global initiative has been chosen to work with ATTDF  in the educational sector.

PHOTO CAPTION: ATTDF President, Engr. Lewis Lawrence, Famous People Africa Magazine, Bessie King, Top Teaching Aid Global Initiative,  Hon (Dr.) Eunice Thomas


ATTDF selected some states in Nigeria for the pilot programme . The states are Akwa Ibom State, Cross River State, Rivers State, Bayelsa State, Ondo State, Osun State, Lagos State, FCT, Abuja.

The organization has started sensitization and training of students in some of the states mentioned above.

In Akwa Ibom , Bayelsa FCT , our organization had a synergy with the traditional rulers of those places and sensitization was carried out. In Akwa Ibom state in particular, HRM Ntisong Essien Ekidem, Ntisong Ibibio III, the head of the biggest socio-cultural organization in the state and the custodian of ASAN Ibibio along with the entire members of the organization signed an MOU to carry out these interventions in the educational sector for the entire Akwa Ibom State to provide development, progress and peace in the state. According to Ntisong Essien Ekidem, this is to bring back the era where Ibibio union used to sponsor some indigenes of the state for overseas training on scholarships, he was particularly grateful that ATTDF had declared education state of emergency and asked for every good thinking individual, corporate organizations, donor agencies, people in diaspora, government personalities and the general public to partner and donate for this laudable project for sustainable development as education remains the bedrock for overall develpment.

Accordingly, any school from primary to university (private & public) in the state that has not been captured for intervention but requires any form of intervention should contact ATTDF