ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INDUSTRIALIZATION – Activities carried out and collaborations

After the biting Recession that was witnessed in Nigeria, In 2017 we conceptualized and initiated a project tagged “The Women Edge and The Youth Plus for Economy Recovery and Sustainable Development in Nigeria”. For effective execution, ATTDF had an MOU for collaboration with the Federal Government through National Productivity Center and National Council for Women Society.

In synopsis, the programme was to engage Women and Youths resourcefully as vehicles to drive enterprise development. The major content was unveiling virgin, untapped and very viable potentials for Nigerians through women and youth to take advantage in economy diversification and industrialization for massive jobs and wealth creation. The concept “Money meet skills and potentials ” was also captured to enable synergies amongst the people for the purpose of enterprising activities along with involvement of donor agencies and financial institutions of government, with several windows of either grants or soft facility to encourage entrepreneurship amongst Nigerians. The federal government agency, National Productivity Centre (NPC) with competency and technicalities was involved because of their core mandate to stimulate productivity for economic growth and development in order to coordinate, evaluate and measure the entire activities for proper and beneficial implementation as we are progressing.

The National Council for Women Society being the umbrella body of all women groups in Nigeria was also involved in the collaboration to coordinate and mobilize women in the entire country to benefit from the program.

Highlights includes untapped opportunities in Agriculture, untapped opportunities in sports, art, entertainment, technology, tourism, viable entrepreneurship opportunities, “Money Meet skills” initiative, the women advantage in promoting made in Nigeria products, the Women and Youth advantage to drive mindset repositioning for productivity, maintaining peace, unity, progress of Nigeria using women as vehicles.

The objective was to showcase all of those highlights using high intellectual approach to rework the minds of the people and activate enterprising spirit with already opportunities, potentials for wealth to be created in Nigeria, then we move to other African countries for implementation. The laudable project is still ongoing in Nigeria.

Between 2014 through 2017, we carried out a program tagged “Economic Rap Session Program”, we were training young people and women in some skills like welding, aqua-culture (fisheries), piggery, crop planting like cassava etc along with tailoring, shoe making, carpentry, and building technology along with empowerment with the support of some philanthropists and corporate organizations giving back to society.

We coordinated coperative groups, youth and women groups to benefit from the program. It was done in Akwa Ibom State, Osun State and Ondo State.


In the offing with the right partnership, ATTDF is to setup industrial parks in different states in Africa. We welcome partnership from Local governments, states, countries, donor agencies, philanthropists and communities seeking to have it in their vicinity for sustainable massive jobs and wealth creation.


PHOTO CAPTION: Presentation of money meet skills and potential initiative to His Excellency, deputy governor of Akwa Ibom State before implementation in the state

PHOTO CAPTION: After participating and witnessing the signing of MOU in the reactivation of the Moribund Ceramics Company in Akwa Ibom State 

PHOTO CAPTION: Presentation of Made in Nigeria Product prommoted by ATTDF at FCT

PHOTO CAPTION: While and after participating in signing of MOU with Government Agencies at federal  level for industrialization.