With the help of some philanthropists and some corporate organizations, we carried out sensitization on prevention of HIV/AIDS along with other sexually transmitted diseases and condoms were distributed free. During the Ebola outbreak, we moved our adhoc personnel to market squares and the streets for Road Storm to sensitize the public on prevention and early signs for them to know the right things to do. Hand washing liquids were distributed to members of the public. We also visited schools for sensitization, especially in washing hands campaign to avoid the communicable diseases.

Presently, we are carrying out sensitization on preventive measures on diarrhea and other diseases gotten from contaminated foods and water.

We are planning to organize a program on cervical cancer for women. Also in our plans is to make  provision for Safety Equipment to medical laboratory technicians and other health workers in the hospitals to protect them and prevent them from contacting and transferring communicable diseases to people among other activities in the offing.